Customized Mulch Calculations Made Easy

Mulch and Vibrant Flowers

Nothing is more frustrating than not ordering enough mulch to complete your project (expect maybe ordering and spending too much). To help avoid these pain points and make your landscaping project even easier, we developed the Evans Mulch Calculator. Here’s how it works:

  1. Determine the dimensions (yards or feet) of your landscape bed and your desired coverage depth
  2. Fire up our Mulch Calculator  and enter your dimensions
  3. Click “Calculate” and we’ll tell you exactly how much mulch you’ll need to bring your new landscape to life

Here are a few of our most popular and unique mulch offerings:

  • Evans Dark Supreme: Twice shredded and processed hardwood mulch, very dark brown color. Our most popular mulch!
  • Cocoa Mulch: Cocoa bean shells straight from the Hershey Chocolate Factory.
  • Playground Mulch: Twice shredded, mixed woods.
  • Evans Hardwood Gold: Triple shredded, very fine hardwood mulch aged over 6 months, almost black in color.

Now that you know how much mulch you’re going to need, make sure you check out these great tips to save you time on mulching.

And when you decide, get it by the bag or in bulk. We’ll even do the work for you. Let our express mulch blowers do the heavy lifting, saving you time and muscle strain. Here at Evans, we’re willing to do whatever it takes to make your next project as convenient and successful as possible!

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