As a LEED Accredited company, we aim to recycle as many materials as possible from our job sites to avoid filling landfills with materials that can easily be reused in other projects. Using our own equipment, we can reclaim timber framing, copper, steel, and aluminum from your project and put these valuable resources to good use. Concrete, masonry, and stone can be crushed and reused as clean, hard fill. Some of the most important natural resources we salvage are large trees that would otherwise be destroyed in the demolition process. We have the ability to move and transplant mature trees off- or on-site.

Evans also offers dumping sites for commercial and residential customers at our locations in Anderson, Newtown, and Loveland. We are able to accept yard waste, manure, clean fill, clean concrete, and construction waste.

Contact the main office at 513-271-1119 for additional information on our dumping and recycling services.