From start to finish, Evans can tackle all of your demolition needs. Start the process with a proposal and let Evans take care of every step of the way from interior clean-out, obtaining the necessary permits, asbestos inspections,  EPA & Health Department notification, to site clean-up, final restoration, landscaping, and more.

Environmental Issues

Before we ever break ground on a project, we can help discover and identify potential hazards or problems.

Utility Disconnections

We will make the right calls and perform the work to terminate utility services before demolition begins. Examples: gas, water, sewer, electric, telephone, communication, etc.

Site Protection

Your site is our number one priority and we’ve got the fencing, barricades, and steel road plates needed to protect the site and the general public.


Evans will obtain the necessary municipal permits for your demolition project.


Evans will demolish and remove your structure as needed totally or partially.

Clean-Up & Final Restoration

Whether you want a gravel lot, a lawn, or landscaping, once the debris is cleared Evans can provide exactly what you want for your newly cleared space.

Contact Derrick Moore at (513) 678-9589 or Jim Bailey at (513) 623-1010 for information about our demolition services.

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