From start to finish, Evans can tackle all of your construction needs. Start the process with a free proposal and let Evans take care of every step of the way from interior clean-out, obtaining the necessary permits, site clean-up, final restoration, landscaping, and more.

Environmental Issues

Before we ever break ground on a project, we can help discover and identify potential hazards or problems.

Utility Disconnection

Here at Evans, we pay attention to even the smallest details, like utility disconnection. We will make the right calls to terminate services before the demolition begins and we can bring the proper tools to disconnect them ourselves.

Construction Fence Protection

Your site is our number one priority and we’ve got the fencing you need to keep it enclosed and secure. Threats to your site include outside injury theft, and illegal dumping – with Evans, you will have the peace of mind of a secure location.


Evans makes it easy to know what permits you need to build what you want, where you want it.


Our experienced demolition professionals can tear down what needs to be demolished and leave the rest intact, cleanly and with minimal waste. We have the ability to do interior, exterior, partial, or total demolitions.


Construction sites aren’t known for being easy to clean up, but with Evans, your site will be clean and clear in no time, ready for the next phase with no trace of the work site left.

Final Restoration

Whether the damage is from fires, floods, storms, or just the passage of time, we can help restore your structure back to its original integrity and get you back to your space as quickly as possible.


It takes careful planning and a trained eye to transform your yard into an asset that improves curb appeal and increases the value of your home. We are expert landscapers and can offer the materials, knowledge, creativity, and value that you need to take your yard to the next level.