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$40.00 per cu yd

Evans premium Supersoil is a rich blend of topsoil, regrow, peat moss, aged manure, and sand.

Supersoil is recommended for use in a vegetable garden. The composition is approximately 80% topsoil with 5% each of peat moss, aged manure, compost, and sand.

Quantity discount

Quantity 1 - 9 10 - 200
Price $46.00 $40.00

For an order over 20 cubic yards, please contact Kirsten at 513-271-1119 to schedule delivery.

Guide to Material Coverage

1 Cubic yard covers approximately:

  • 160 square feet | 2" Deep
  • 106 square feet | 3" Deep
  • 80 square feet | 4" Deep

1 cubic yard is equivalent to nine 3 cubic foot bags, 13.5 2 cubic foot bags or approximately 5 wheelbarrows.

Most mulch weighs about 700 lbs./yard.

How Much Mulch, Top Soil, Sand or Gravel Do You Need?

Enter the dimensions of your landscape bed and desired coverage depth to determine the amount of mulch, top soil, sand or gravel you’ll need.

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