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Mulch Fundraising | Landscaping Supplies & Services

Make your fundraiser FUN by selling mulch from Evans Group!

How is this fundraiser different than going from door-to-door and selling something else? For starters, with spring on the horizon, people will be in need of mulch for landscaping and gardening. Choosing to sell mulch not only provides your group with much-needed funds, but also creates a valuable learning experience.

What makes fundraising with Evans stand out from other fundraisers?
  • Your group can make upward of $1 per bag of mulch sold.
  • Unlike selling candy, mulch is something people can use multiple times and actually need.
  • Selling mulch is a successful venture; it is something people will need year after year.
  • It provides you with repeat business and customers.
  • Your team, organization or group works together and not only learns about teamwork but also how to achieve their fundraising goal.
Do I have to be a part of a sports team to fundraise with Evans Group?

Of course not! We partner with a myriad of associations, groups, clubs, and teams to get fundraisers started. Selling mulch with Evans Groups is the perfect for:
  • Band Boosters
  • Neighborhood Associations
  • Scouts
  • Sports Teams
  • Athletic Associations
  • Churches
  • Church Youth Groups
  • Kiwanis Clubs
  • Fire Departments
  • And many more organizations!
There are many benefits from choosing to fundraise with The Evans Group, including learning the merit of working as a team. Contact us today for pricing, or if you're in need of more information.


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