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A Professionally Mulched Yard Without the Backbreaking Labor

Your yard needs mulch but you know what that entails: hours devoted to buying, loading, spreading and cleaning up. When you use our Express Blower Services you get a professionally mulched yard without any of the backbreaking labor.

Mulch does more than beautify a landscape. It helps soil retain moisture by reducing evaporation and minimizes the need for watering. It reduces the germination and growth of weeds and acts as an insulator for the roots of your plants—keeping them warmer in winter and cooler in the summer. You’ll save time and money using our mulch blowing service and your landscape will look fresh and well maintained.

Importance of Professional Installation:
The last place you want mulch is in the grass or spilled all over your driveway. We take great care to keep mulch in garden beds, appropriately incorporating plant drip lines and without letting mulch pile up at the base of trees.

Benefits of Mulching:
When applied correctly, mulch has these beneficial effects on plants and soil:
  • Slowing evaporation and aiding in water retention
  • Suppressing the germination of weed seeds and smothering existing weeds
  • Maintaining a more even soil temperature, which keeps roots warmer in winter and cooler in summer
  • Preventing soil splashing, which stops erosion and keeps soil-borne diseases from splashing onto plants
  • Organic mulches improve soil structure and add nutrients as they breakdown into topsoil
  • Preventing crusting of the soil surface and improving water absorption
  • Protecting tree trunks and shrubs from damage by lawn equipment
  • Preventing soil compaction
  • Adding beauty to the landscape by providing a cover of uniform color and interesting texture
  • Encouraging root growth 
Contact Jake Meagher at (513) 271-1119 to discuss the benefits of mulch and schedule the express blower service.
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