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Working with Professional Landscape Designers
Tuesday, October 18, 2016

If you know you want to make improvements to the landscape around your home or commercial property but you aren’t sure what the changes should be—or you simply don't have a green thumb—it’s time to connect with the professionals.

Working with a professional landscaping team can make all the difference. Professionals not only understand the needs of plants and tress so that they will thrive in their new environment, they also know how the vegetation will change over time, and how to improve the structure of your landscape to make the most of your unique situation.

The first step in working effectively with your design team is to determine your ideal budget and timeline. Take this information to your initial meeting and your design team should be able to tell you whether or not your perfect landscape can be created for that amount of money and in that period of time. Be ready to adjust your budget or your timeline as you learn more about the process and true costs of landscape design.

During your first—or second, if your initial consultation isn’t onsite—meeting with the design team, you’ll answer a lot of questions as you and the design team survey your current landscape. Be prepared before the meeting by having an idea of your landscaping goals, which types of plants and trees you like, and what feeling you want to evoke with the design.

Make a note of these things prior to your meeting:

  • Create a list of nuisances of note that you would like the landscape team to address, such as deer, insects, lack of privacy, rodents, or noise.
  • Consider your preferred maintenance schedule and intensity.
  • List the existing features that you would like to keep, some of which might include: borders, fences, field stones, garden beds, play structures, or water features.

Once you’ve noted all of the things about your landscape you would like to keep, and conveyed your vision of how you would like it to be, the next step is to review and approve the design plans that your team comes back with. This is also your opportunity to make any changes or correct any misconceptions before work begins.

After the crew gets started implementing your plan, it will be much more costly to make changes, although it can be done. Make sure you indicate all of your concerns prior to the start date.

Even if you are in fact a green thumb, it’s still a good idea to start with a design consultation before you dig in. Altering a landscape requires a master plan, which can be difficult to create without training and a practiced eye. Starting with a practical and well-thought-out plan will help you achieve the landscape you want, rather than make impulsive mistakes when a beautiful (but inappropriate) tree steals your heart.

Similarly if you plan to do major remodeling in your yard, things like lighting, irrigation, installing a swimming pool, hardscapes, or grading, it’s best to engage the professionals. While it might seem like a great opportunity to save money now, having to backtrack, start over, or remedy a DIY project gone wrong can actually cost you more in the long run.

Late fall and early winter are the perfect times for dreaming about a new landscape for your home or professional building. When you’re ready to get started, you’ll love working with our talented landscape designers. Call with questions anytime, we’re always happy to help.

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